Skull and Shackles Adventure Path

Book 1: The Wormwood Mutiny
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Book 3: Tempest Rising
Book 4: Island of Empty Eyes
Book 5: The Price of Infamy
Book 6: From Hell’s Heart

Welcome to your Skull and Shackles Adventure Path game site. If you’re an invited party member, then this page will contain the information you need to prepare for the new Adventure Path. I’m glad to have you as a player!

All players should download and read the Skull and Shackles Players Guide here.

For this adventure path, I am asking for each player to make two characters. One for immediate/primary use, and one as a backup in case the first one is killed. Character creation guidelines are as follows.

*20 point buy for attributes. Remember to apply racial modifiers after the point buy.
*250 gold pieces. I know this is more then I usually allow, but I wanted to make it easier to have decent non-magical weapons and armor and still get other gear. This game will be strict inventory wise, if it’s not on the character sheet then your character does not have it.
*Maximum Hit Points for first level, rolled HP thereafter.
*Anyone who wishes can make a roll on the Peg Legs and Eye Patches table at a game session. Roll is witnessed or it does not count.
*Everyone will be allowed two traits per the regular rules. However, in addition, every player must take a Skull and Shackles specific trait. Yes, this means everyone will have three traits.
*Plan your feats and skills appropriately. Once the feat, skill, or trait, is taken then no trade outs or substitutions will be allowed.

Stay tuned to this page for future updates.

Take a look at your wiki. There will be some more info there.

Skull and Shackles - Norfolk

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